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There Is A Card Shop in Effingham?

Hey everyone! Nearly 17 months after opening, we are still seeing new faces who didn't realize there is a card shop in Effingham, IL. No, not just a sports card shop, that one has been here forever... The TCG card shop. We do have some sport cards and collectibles, but the primary focus is on pop culture collectibles and card games like Magic the Gathering, Pokémon, Yugioh and Dungeons and Dragons.

Bobbaloo's at 700 West Fayette Ave in Effingham, IL is your one stop shop for all the coolest games, toys, collectibles and more. Are you looking for a card shop near me? You found it! Stop in and check out everything there is to see. Video games, board games, dice, books, game accessories, dragon sleeves, playmats and much more. New sealed Pokémon, Yugioh and Magic arrive monthly with a wide selection of the newest sets as well as plenty to offer from yester-year. You can also join in on the fun. There is Dungeons & Dragons campaigns on Sunday and Monday, and plenty of room for aspiring dungeon masters to schedule a day and time for their adventure too. Magic the Gathering and Yugioh have weekly and bi-weekly events, and our resident expert at Pokémon loves teaching kids and parents how to play as well as the various nuances of collecting.

If you are a TCG card collector then you must stop in for this hands on experience. You can sift through hundreds of thousands of cards and find the treasure you are looking for, and many you didn't know you were looking for.... We offer huge discounts on cards ranging from 20% to 50% off TCG pricing every day all day!!!

Be sure to follow us on Facebook at: This is where you will find the most update information on upcoming activities, events, sales and more.

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