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Adventuring Party Leaving for Icewind Dale - Saturday at Noon and Sunday's at Noon and 4pm.

If you are looking to get in on a Dungeon's and Dragons adventure, you should meet us at the local Wizard's Castle. Bobbaloo and his band of misfit adventurers are embarking on a journey from the castle in Effinghamnod to the RIME of the Frost Maiden. Facing a journey that ends in certain demise, the adventurers will traverse The Sword Coast, fight their way through the Kryptgarden Forest and the Neverwinter Woods until they reach the bitter cold of Icewind Dale. Do you have what it takes to survive this perilous journey?

Saturday at Noon - Looking for Dungeon Master and Adventurers

Saturday at 4pm Saturday Magic the Gathering - Learn, Collect, Play & Win!

Sunday at Noon Led by Dungeon Master Henry Siemer

Sunday at 4pm Led by the Wizard Bobbaloo or other DM wanted.

Don't forget you can paint your miniatures here at Bobbaloo's. Paint room only an extra $2 if you buy your mini here!

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