Do you love to play board games? Do you think you are the best at Monopoly, Risk, Harry Potter or any other table top game?

Now you can put your money where your mouth is!

Sign up to Play and Win.

$10 - $25 to Play with 110% Prize Support

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At Bobbaloo's, we LOVE playing board games.


Now YOU can Play to Win! 

First, Register for the Tournament Here

Cost is $10 Per Person to Play

Winner takes home the game!

Small Consolation Prize for other 3 players.

Tournaments arranged in age groups.

Bobbaloo is final judge on all games.

Cheaters will be vanquished!

110% Prize Support.

Are you an Expert? Want to Host a Bigger Tournament?

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Board Game Tournament Rules:


Four (4) Players per game @ $10-$25/player entry.**

Tournament lasts for 3 hours. 2 Rounds of 80 minutes for each game with a 20 minute break in between sessions. Tournament games are arranged by age groups per the following: 5-9 yo, 10-12 yo, 13-17 yo, and adults only.

Combined total score of both games will determine the players overall score.

First Place wins the game, and takes it home too!

The other participants are awarded honorable mention prizes.

**Cost of entry  and time/rounds based on game. Example: Game of Thrones Chess entry would be $25/person, 2 one on one sessions, best out of 3, winners advancing from first round to Winner's Finale best of 3.